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ECE 340 Homework XVIII Spring 2004 Due: Exercise only 1. A symmetric p-n junction of area 5cm x 5cm has rectifying I-V characteristics such that I=I th [exp(qV/kT) – 1], where I th = 12 nA. Assume that the minority carrier diffusion lengths L n =L p =2 μm in each side of the junction, and the depletion width is 1 μm. Upon solar illumination in a clear day an optical generation rate of 2x10 18 EHP/cm 3 is obtained uniformly at least one diffusion length deep into each side of the neutral region as well as within the depletion region. (a) Calculate the short-circuit current and the open-circuit voltage for this illuminated junction. (b) Plot the I-V curve for this solar cell. Repeat part (a) when some clouds block the sun and the optical generation rate reduces to a half.
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