English2-Young Goodman Brown-Hawthorne

English2-Young Goodman Brown-Hawthorne - While Brown is in...

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Unformatted text preview: While Brown is in the forest, he goes through several mind boggling experiences where he learns that the town villagers are actually devil worshippers. As he is on the path with the man, a well loved lady named Goody Cloyse appears on the same path. The man that Brown is walking with explains the background of the real Goody Cloyse and that she is a Witch. Along with Goody Close being a Devil Worshipper, Brown learns that the good old Deacon Gookin and the reverend of the church are too devil worshippers. He learns this when he is taking hidden cover from them and hears othe Deacon say, They tell me that some of our community are to be here from Falmouth and beyondwho, after their fashion, know almost as much deviltry as the best of us (pg 557). Towards the end of the short story, Brown actually attends the Devils the best of us (pg 557)....
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