English-The Prodigal Son by Luke

English-The Prodigal Son by Luke - same love and care as he...

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A static character is one that does not change throughout the entire story. In this short story the static character is the father of the two sons. He was always caring and loving for his sons no matter the circumstances. Before his son left the house for a journey, his father gave him what his son has asked for out of love. When the son returned from his far away journey, convinced that his father was going to hate him, his father still gave him the
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Unformatted text preview: same love and care as he did before he even left. Another static character is the elder son, There isn’t much told about him, so based on the story you never hear much about his character until the end. He stayed at the farm all these years and worked with his father and didn’t venture out like his brother did. He remains mad at him all these years and even when his brother returns he doesn’t even want to see him and remains angry at him....
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