ProblemSheet - 052:161 Fall 2009 Mass Transfer &...

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052:161 Fall 2009 Project Mass Transfer & Separations due in class on December 11, 2009 Form a group with 2-3 other students (3-4 students per group). Your group will be expected to submit a single written report on the project described below to Prof. Nuxoll in class on Friday, December 11. The project will involve creation of a ChemCAD file which you must submit via email to Prof. Nuxoll by 5pm, Thursday, December 10. Email your group roster to Prof. Nuxoll, identifying one person as the “file submitter,” by 5pm Friday, November 6. As mentioned in your first mid-term exam, ethylene (C 2 H 4 ) is often made by reforming ethane (C 2 H 6 ) via catalysis at high temperature and pressure. There are a lot of side-reactions in this process and ethane conversion is usually incomplete. Below is a typical product stream: Number Component Mol Fraction 1 Hydrogen 0.3752 2 Methane 0.0731 3 Ethylene 0.2970 4 Ethane 0.2048 5 Acetylene 0.0022 6 Propylene 0.0164 7 Propane 0.0103 8 1,3-butadiene 0.0099 9 1-butene 0.0018 10 Butane 0.0011 11 Benzene 0.0081 You expect that your reactor system will produce a 60,000 lb/hr product stream with the above composition at -82 ˚F and 464 psia. You have been charged to recover 95% of the ethylene at a purity exceeding 99.9% by mol. Additionally, you are expected to recover 99.9% of the benzene in one stream, 99.9% of the methane in another and 95% of the propylene in a third stream as valuable by-products. Finally, you are also expected to recover 99% of the ethane for recycle back into the reactor feed. This is not done with a single distillation column.
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ProblemSheet - 052:161 Fall 2009 Mass Transfer &...

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