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Bio1AL_Fa09_lab10_wksht (1) - . Name GSI&Sect Station...

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A65 – Fall 2009 Invertebrate II Worksheet . Due at the end of your lab. Name GSI & Sect # Station # 1) Make a quick sketch of the starfish. Starfish labels: ambulacral grooves, ampullae, hepatic caeca, pyloric stomach & cardiac stomach (sometimes it is hard to distinguish between these two), gonads (include the color distinction between males and females). 2) Compare and contrast direct and indirect development and give an example of an arthropod that undergoes that type of development. 3) List at least five examples of arthropod diversity that are on display in the lab (common names are OK). 4) In the space below make a drawing of the crayfish . Include labels: gills; heart, gonads (make sure you look at both sexes and draw only the parts that are different), digestive gland, green gland, stomach (contains the gastric
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