BIMM114M1 - Total score _ (250) Name _ Midterm 1 BIMM 114...

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Page total ____________ 1 Total score ___________ (250) Name ___________________________________________ Midterm 1 BIMM 114 Virology Spring, 2007 Do not write on the backs of the pages. There will be a 2 point deduction for each page without a name. (3) 1. True False The viral receptor is located on the surface of the virus. (3) 2. True False All double-stranded DNA viruses replicate in the nucleus, because they need RNA pol II to transcribe their genes. (3) 3. True False Helical capsids are particularly common among plant viruses. (3) 4. True False The length of the M13 capsid is determined by the length of the nucleic acid. (3) 5. True False None of the double-stranded DNA viruses are segmented. (3) 6. True False The capsid of Baculoviridae has icosahedral symmetry. (3) 7. True False The polyomavirus genome, shown on the right, is ambisense. (3) 8. What type of host organism is infected by Baculoviridae ? ________________________________ (3) 9. The largest RNA genome is found in which viral family? __________________________________ (3) 10. Most bacteriophage carry what type of nucleic acid? ____________________________________
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Name ___________________________________________ Page total ___________ 2 (5) 11. The capsid of tobacco mosaic virus has ________________________________ symmetry. It is composed of ______ species of protein(s). (4) 12. Epidemics of which two viral diseases in 165 and 251 A.D. contributed to the decline of the Roman Empire? _________________________________ _________________________________ (7) 13. Walter Reed & Carlos Finlay identified the cause of ___________________________________. Where was their research conducted?
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BIMM114M1 - Total score _ (250) Name _ Midterm 1 BIMM 114...

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