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BIS101-001ReviewQuiz09key - BIS 101-001(Chan Winter 2009...

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BIS 101-001 (Chan) Name: ______________________________ Winter 2009 Last, First ID #:_______________________________ REVIEW QUIZ The purpose of this Review Quiz is to help you review Mendelian genetics and other basic topics relevant to genetics, subjects you previously studied in lower division biology courses. The Quiz is worth 40 points, 10% of the total in the course. Please take the Quiz home. You may consult with a TA or anyone else or you might look back at your notes and read the relevant chapters in the text. Please return the Quiz with your answers at the beginning of class on January 21, 2008 . To obtain full credit, show all your work. Please note that a correct answer, not accompanied by an appropriate explanatory analysis, mating or calculation, may not receive full credit. Quizzes returned late will not be accepted and there will be no make-up quiz. The quiz has six pages including this cover page and the score sheet. Please sign your name on the score sheet. Please note that only exams written in PEN will be accepted for regrade requests. AUTHORIZATION FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION OF GRADED 1
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EXAMINATION I,__________________________________________, ID#_______________________ authorize that after this Quiz is graded, it can be placed in a holding bin, labeled BIS101- 02, on the first floor of Briggs Hall. 1. (10pts) In lilies, white flowers are dominant to purple flowers.
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BIS101-001ReviewQuiz09key - BIS 101-001(Chan Winter 2009...

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