P7A-1 F06 Final Practice

P7A-1 F06 Final Practice - Physics 7A Fall 2006 Practice...

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Physics 7A Fall 2006 Practice Problems 12/5/06 1 7A Final Review Questions Note : these are problems from previous quarters and are only meant to be a partial review of problem types seen in Physics 7A. To prepare for the final exam you need to study a) the DL activities and know the meaning/purpose of each one—identify the models being used and why, b) the FNTs and what each problem was teaching you in terms of the models, c) your quizzes and the mistakes you made and why---how can you not make that mistake again? Did you not give a complete justification of your answer---watch for this as it is the leading cause for not getting much credit, and d) your lecture notes. When doing the problems below ask yourself what model you are using and why. That way you will recognize which model to use on the exam instead of memorizing any particular solution and trying to recall a solution! Always explain/justify your answers. Don’t assume anything is too obvious or trivial to mention; the grader wants to know you really understand. 1) Olaf the Snowboarder (70 kg, including his snowboard) is on the top of an inclined slope at an initial height of 50 m . Olaf snowboards down the slope; then Olaf moves 10 m over bumpy snow that imparts a frictional force of 600 N against his direction of motion; then Olaf finally compresses a k = 8000 N/m spring by a maximum displacement x. The only friction he encounters is over the bumpy snow. The drawing below is not to scale. Hint: Olaf does work going through the bumpy snow. 50m O l a f bumpy snow 10m ² x uncompressed spring (a) Draw a properly labeled energy interaction diagram for Olaf during this entire process. (b) Find the maximum displacement x of the spring for the case of Olaf having no initial velocity. [x = 2.66 m] 2) The molar heat capacity of a certain ideal gas is measured (for a constant volume process) to be 3 R = 24.94 J/mol·K at a temperature of 27° C. (a) Find the thermal energy of 3.5 moles of this gas. [Eth = 26,187 J] (b) The gas is cooled from its initial temperature to –17° C. During this process 965 J of energy is transferred out of the gas system as heat. Calculate the work done. Specify whether the work is done on or by the system. [W = –2,876 J] Δ x
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Physics 7A Fall 2006 Practice Problems 12/5/06 2 3) Thjodhild drops a 0.15 kg iceball off a cliff, into the sea 200 m below. Both the iceball and the sea are at 0° C. Assume that when the iceball
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P7A-1 F06 Final Practice - Physics 7A Fall 2006 Practice...

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