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Physics 7A W06 Final Review

Physics 7A W06 Final Review - Physics 7A Winter 2006 Final...

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Physics 7A Winter 2006 Final Review 3/17/06 1 7A Final Review Questions 1) Olaf the Snowboarder (70 kg, including his snowboard) is on the top of an inclined slope at an initial height of 50 m . Olaf snowboards down the slope; then Olaf moves 10 m over bumpy ice that imparts a frictional force of 600 N against his direction of motion; then Olaf finally compresses a k = 8000 N/m spring by a maximum displacement ° x. The only friction he encounters is over the bumpy ice. The drawing below is not to scale. Hint: Olaf does work going through bumpy snow. 50m Ol af bumpy snow 10m ² x uncompressed spring (a) Draw a properly labeled energy interaction diagram for Olaf during this entire process. (b) Find the maximum displacement ° x of the spring for the case of Olaf having no initial velocity. [x = 2.66 m] 2) The molar heat capacity of a certain ideal gas is measured (for a constant volume process) to be 3 R = 24.94 J/mol·K at a temperature of 27° C. (a) Find the thermal energy of 3.5 moles of this gas. [Eth = 26,187 J] (b) The gas is cooled from its initial temperature to –17° C. During this process 965 J of energy is transferred out of the gas system as heat. Calculate the work done. Specify whether the work is done on or by the system. [W = –2,876 J]
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