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Getting Organized for the Quarter

Getting Organized for the Quarter - test quiz project paper...

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Academic Support Center • Eastman Building 01 – 2309 • (585) 475 – 6682 www.rit.edu/SA/ASC 1/13/2009 Getting Organized for the Quarter Setting up your Time Management System SET UP YOUR SYSTEM Organize your desk or work space Designate places to keep textbooks, folders and notebooks. Obtain materials and supplies, such as pens, pencils, sharpener, stapler, paper clips, blank paper, calculator, and find a place to keep them within easy access. Set up a system for keeping schoolwork organized and stick to it Use a color coded system with a different color folder for each subject. Purchase matching color highlighters and create a master of your weekly schedule, color coded to match your folders. Use a calendar to plot out all your long-term deadlines for the quarter. For example, include each
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Unformatted text preview: test, quiz, project, paper or homework you will receive a grade on. Color-code each class. • Use a planner to record assignments. • Organize your folders by placing assignments on one side, handouts on the other. Date and keep everything in chronological order. Put due dates on handouts. • Use a to-do list. Prioritize assignments and check them off your list as you complete them. • Pack your backpack the night before and have it ready by the door the night before. TAKE 5-10 MINUTES EACH DAY TO MAINTAIN THESE SYSTEMS • Straighten out your backpack and study area. • File all handouts in the correct color folder. • Record new deadlines or any changes in your schedule. • Make a new to-do list. Questions?? Contact Lisa Fraser, [email protected]
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