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Hamlet Act I Study Guide Answer the questions in complete sentences on a separate sheet of paper. Scene 1 1. What is Horatio's opinion of the ghost before and after he sees it? What does the ghost look like? 2. Explain the political unrest that takes place in Denmark at the beginning of the play. (lines 90-120) 3. Paraphrase the 3 questions that Horatio asks the ghost. (lines 140-150) 4. List the 2 allusions that Horatio uses in lines 124-137. Explain why Horatio uses them. 5. List 3 examples of figurative language used in Act I, scene 1. Scene 2 6. What is the “good and bad” news Claudius states to his royal court in lines 1-16. 7. How does Claudius deal with young Fortinbras’ threat against Denmark? (Lines 17-38.) 8. Explain the queen’s comment: “cast thy knighted color off…” (line 70) 9. Explain Claudius’ comments to Hamlet regarding his father’s death. Explain at least 5 pieces of advice he gives to Hamlet? (lines 90-121) 10. List and explain the 4 allusions in Hamlet’s speech.
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