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Microsoft Word - Hamlet Study Guide Questions

Microsoft Word - Hamlet Study Guide Questions - Hamlet...

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Hamlet Study Guide Questions You must answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper IN COMPLETE SENTENCES. The purpose of this assignment is to help you to stay engaged in the text as we read and also to give you a basis for your comments in the discussions we will have in class about the text. A suggestion would be that as we read make notes of where the answers to these questions can be found on this sheet so that you can easily go back later and answer these questions. These questions start out very basic, generally about plot and character, in the first few acts and then move to more reflective questions in the later acts. Please be aware that not all the questions are in chronological order or in any order whatsoever. The answers to the questions will be due on the day we start reading the next act in class. ACT I Scene 1 1. Give three specific phrases which establish an ominous mood? 2. Why are there preparations for war? 3. When the ghost enters, what questions does Horatio bravely pose to discover the ghost’s purpose? 4. How does the following quote fit with the Elizabethan view of the universe: “This bodes some strange eruption to our state.”? Scene 2 1. What does Laertes ask permission to do? 2. What does Gertrude ask Hamlet to do? What is her view of death? 3. In lines 85-88 what does Hamlet say about the outward show of sorrow? 4. What does Claudius say about Hamlet’s sorrow? 5. In lines 135-139: what image is used to describe the world? 6. What is Hamlet’s view of his mother’s marriage? 7. What does Hamlet think that the ghost indicates? Scene 3 1. What does Laertes warn Ophelia about in regards to her relationship with Hamlet? 2. List six pieces of advice that Polonius gives to Laertes as he leaves for college. 3. What is Ophelia’s response to both her brother’s and her father’s warning? Scene 4 1. In lines 15-35: what does Hamlet mean by “some vicious mole”? 2. What are Horatio’s concerns about the ghost? Scene 5 1. Who is the ghost? Where is the ghost from? Why has he returned?
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