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STUDY GUIDE FOR ACCESS COMPUTER PROFICIENCY EXAM Describe databases and database management systems Start Access Describe the features of the Access desktop Create a database Create a table and define the fields in a table Open a table Add records to a table Close a table Close a database and quit Access Open a database Print the contents of a table Use a form to view data Create a custom report Use the Access Help system State the purpose of queries Create a new query Use a query to display all records and all fields Run a query Print the answer to a query Close a query Clear a query Use a query to display selected fields Use text data and wildcards in criteria in a query Use numeric data and
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Unformatted text preview: comparison operators in criteria Use compound criteria Sort the answer to a query Join tables in a query and restrict the records in a join Use calculated fields in a query Calculate statistics in a query Save a query and use a saved query Add records to a table Locate records Filter records Change the contents of records in a table Delete records from a table Restructure a table Change field characteristics Add a field Save the changes to the structure Update the contents of a single field Make changes to groups of records Delete groups of records Create validation rules Update a table with validation rules Specify referential integrity Order records...
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