1015.The Bureaucracy

1015.The Bureaucracy - Tuesday, October 15, 2009 The...

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Tuesday, October 15, 2009 The Bureaucracy Youtube: Rep. Michael Capuano (D-MA) Takes on FAA Why Bureaucracy? President Reagan. “the government is not the way to the problem. Government is the problem.” President Clinton: “the era of big government is over” Citizens do not like bureaucracy Enhances efficiency Allows governments to operate Fulfill important roles Politics Bureaucracy Complex structure of offices, tasks, rules, and principles of organization Big institutions use to coordinate the work Bureaucracy enhances efficiency Division of labor Experts specialize in specific tasks Hierarchical (usually pyramid shape) Bureaucracy allow governments to operate Organizations allow the delivery of government goods efficiently. Bureaucrats fulfill important roles Implement laws Make and enforce rules Settle disputes Roles: implement laws Bosses: legislature and president Bureaucrats do the things the bosses tell them to do. (principal agent relationship) Implementation Efforts of departments and agencies to translate laws into specific bureaucratic routines
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1015.The Bureaucracy - Tuesday, October 15, 2009 The...

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