Exam 3 - -Cultural Leaders-linked poetry nou drama-roofed...

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Kamakura Bakufu : - Military assisted imperial rule - Yoritomo –“did everything for the sake of emperor” - Income from all over Japan to Kyoto - Bakufu ended as emperor Go-Daigo rose - Had to take turns about heir with hojo family , but Go-Daigo gave it to his son instead - He also knew that people disliked hojo because they used adopted babies Hojo: - Demanded abdication, sent 3000 troops to Kyoto - Sent the emperor to exile in oki island - 1332 emperor escapes, and sends asikaga takauji to capture him - Ashikaga switches sides and restores the emperor to Kyoto - Some 800 people comited suicide Ashikaga Shogun - Bad reputation - Executes member of imperial family. - Prince morinaga becomes shogun > beheads him - Not a very strong shogun - Appointed friends and enemy ( because enemy were stronger) - Shugo – country side developing, not just send resources to capital - Survivor became daimyo
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Unformatted text preview: -Cultural Leaders-linked poetry- nou drama-roofed stage-always a pine tree painting at back-all actors were men-used fans-Tea ceremony-sumire e-They became very wealthy-Increase use of money-Imported coins from China Ashikaga Takauji:-Expected to be the shogun-Rebelled when morinaga became the shogun-Found his own emperor -Was shogun for 20 years-Muromachi Era ( 1338-1573) Go-Daigo-Fled to yoshino-Until 1392, 2 sets of emperor(Kyoto and yoshino) Ashikaga Yoshimitsu-3rd shogun-Settled civil war-Set shogun as a cultural leader-Build, temple of golden pavilion (Kitayama) Ashikaga Yoshimasa-8th shogun-Onin war began century of civil war-Succession in ashikaga (reason of onin war)-He named his brother heir, but soon had a child-Chinese-Chinese wanted Sword of japan, folding screen-Japanese wanted books, medicine, porcelain...
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Exam 3 - -Cultural Leaders-linked poetry nou drama-roofed...

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