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History 240 Professor Hastings October 8, 2009 STUDY GUIDE ON “Kuniyuzuri” “Kuniyuzuri” is part of a twenty-chapter larger work, Utsuho monogatari , or The Tale of Utsuho , written in the late tenth century. Utsuho monogatari is a predecessor of The Tale of Genji , often described as the world’s first novel. By reading this work with understanding, you will gain insight into the Heian era of Japan in which it was written. The plot of the translated section is very simple. A new emperor has taken the throne, and he has not yet announced his choice for the next crown prince. Will he keep his promise to Fujitsubo to choose her son? Or will he succumb to the pressure of his mother to choose the son of a Fujiwara woman? Will Nakatada and others go along with the imperial mother? On October 22 , there will be a quiz on “Kuniyuzuri.” To prepare for this quiz, you should use the study questions below. The multiple choice questions for the quiz will be drawn from the material to which the study questions direct your attention. ADVICE: 1. Note that the JSTOR link in the syllabus provides you with an introduction as well as the “Kuniyuzuri” chapter. You are welcome to read the introduction, but there will be no quiz questions on it. When you print out, be sure to print only the pages you need. 2. The “Kuniyzuri” chapter, in order to seem like real life, includes many names. You need pay attention only to the ones in the “Cast of Characters” below. 3. There are notes accompanying the text. Enjoy them, but unless there is a review question that draws your attention to a note, the information in the notes will not be included in the quiz. Cast of Characters Lady Jijūden, lady of the previous emperor Fujitsubo, favorite lady of the emperor Tadamasa, Fujiwara, chancellor Kanemasa, Fujiwara, father of Nakatada and Nashitsubo Imperial mother, sister of Tadamasa and Kanemasa Masayori, Minamoto, father of Fujitsubo Nashitsubo, imperial lady, daughter of Kanemasa Princess Himemiya, daughter of the imperial mother Nakatada, hero of the longer novel, son of Kanemasa Chikazumi, brother of Fujitsubo
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STUDY QUESTIONS 1. Why was the new emperor brooding night and day? Because Lady Fujitsubo was not with him. 2. Who did the emperor’s mother want appointed as an imperial consort? Nashitsubo
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KuniyuzuriSQ09F0 - History 240 Professor Hastings October 8...

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