LegalismvsConfucious - Yuhi Yanagisawa Legalism- not on...

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Yuhi Yanagisawa Legalism- not on moral qualities, but establish effective laws and procedures Confucian Legalism Aristocracy with inherited titles(Family title is important) Social distinctions based on military ranks determined by the number of enemy heads acquired. Old land Lands were divided into counties and had officials who enforced laws. Value in debate, asking questions No value in intellectual debate or opinion. The rule is followed with no question. If rulers make law and prohibitions clear and rewards and punishments, then it is easier for officials and common people to be governed. Confucius says, he is honest and has no secret. Warmth, affection, or candor should have no place in rulers’ relationship with others. Keep secrets from the subordinates because they have a tendency to pursue their self interests. Education is the measure of one’s social status? Number of heads you get are important
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Confucian vs. Legalism In support of Legalism Confucian claim is that strong government depends on the moral qualities of the ruler and his officials. On the other hand, Legalist’s claim that in order to have a strong government they
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LegalismvsConfucious - Yuhi Yanagisawa Legalism- not on...

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