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Study guide Exam 1 - Part I 1. Choose three dynasties in...

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Unformatted text preview: Part I 1. Choose three dynasties in China from Shang Dynasty to the Later Han and for each dynasty explain how the monarchs exercised their authority and how they displayed their wealth and power. Shang- writing( only would exist when there is hierarchy), size of Shang cities is proof of complex civilization and the power of rulers.Made hairpin, spoons, jade animals out of jade. They also knew the existence of bronze. They used them to make weapons, chariot fittings and also had spets who could make ritual vessels out of bronze. Their cities were surrounded by walls.( protection) Zhou- Also owned bronze objects. They as well owened, bronze weapons, chariot fittings and ritual vessels. Their technology was based off of the Shang technology. ( could be because they pledged loyalty to shang until the day King Wu decided to attack them) Their capital city was also walled like the shangs. Record shows, there were 6 capital cities of which three were known to co-exist. ( Confirmed on bronze drinking vessels)Jade accessories and animal figures like the Shang.The main focus of bronze object became the writings on these things. ( maybe they wanted to make sure that the events which took place and the stories of Zhou were to be told for many years to many people) Qin dynasty did not believe in the hereditary way of giving position to people. He welcomed talented people from all over the nation and raised their social status depending on how they performed. The first king of Qin did not want people to have weapons, therefore, he collected them from the people and melted them and made 12 bronze statues.This was a way to weaken the people of the empire. He also practiced legalism. He divided people up into groups, and if one person made a mistake the entire group would be punished. Unlike the previous empire, Qin came up with a standardized currency, in which they would trade anywhere in the country. He showed his power most powerfully, by making people build a tomb for him. Rumour states that the laborers and guards were buried along with the king, so as not to let out where it was build. In addition to that they also buried many clay soldiers so that the soldiers could protect him. (interchangeable parts) 2. What was the Mandate of Heaven? Give at least three specific examples of how the Chinese used it to explain how and why dynasties rose and fell as they did from Shang to Later Han. Mandate of Heaven, is the belief that there is a relationship between Heaven and the king who was called the son of heaven. People believed that Heaven would give the mandate to rule the country only as long as the king ruled in the interest of the people. Failure of Xia- In the book of Documents, it is said that heaven chose the xia people to let them know what the heaven favors, however, the xia rulers let the mandate fall to their ground. This is how they explain the fall of xia dynasty....
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Study guide Exam 1 - Part I 1. Choose three dynasties in...

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