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prob_002 - 2 π r =(3.6 m = 22.6 m The arc OP subtends an...

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2. REASONING AND SOLUTION Since the speed of the object on and off the circle remains constant at the same value, the object always travels the same distance in equal time intervals, both on and off the circle. Furthermore since the object travels the distance OA in the same time it would have moved from O to P on the circle, we know that the distance OA is equal to the distance along the arc of the circle from O to P . The circumference of the circle is 2
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Unformatted text preview: 2 π r = (3.6 m) = 22.6 m . The arc OP subtends an angle of θ = 25 ° ; therefore, since any circle contains 360°, the arc OP is 25/360 or 6.9 per cent of the circumference of the circle. Thus, OP = 22.6 m 0.069 = 1.6 m b gb g and, from the argument given above, we conclude that the distance OA is 1.6 m . _______________________________________________________________________________________ ______...
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