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CHEMISTRY 171: PROBLEM SET #1 (9/26/08) DUE: Friday, October 3, 2008 1. Identify the exceptions to the Aufbau principle in the periodic table (only for transition metal atoms) and list their corresponding valence shell configurations. 2. The following are several electronic configurations that may be correct for the nitrogen atom ( Z = 7). Arrows represent electrons whose direction indicates the value of the spin quantum number m s . The three circles for the p orbitals indicate the possible values of the orbital-orientation quantum number m . For each configuration write one of the following words: “excited” if the configuration represents a possible excited state of the nitrogen atom; “ground” if the configuration represents the ground state of the nitrogen atom; or “forbidden” if the configuration in question cannot exist. 3. Find the orbital electronic structure and the spin multiplicity for the following atoms or ions in the ground state. Diagrams may be helpful. a) O,
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