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Radiological Emergency Management Independent Study Course 8 17. The large dome-like structure that is often seen when approaching a nuclear power plant is the: a. Nuclear reactor b. Cooling tower c. Containment building d. Pressure building 18. In the event of a nuclear reactor accident, evacuation of offsite areas should: a. Always be performed regardless of radiation levels and other hazards b. Sometimes be performed depending on the proximity to the plant and the severity of the release c. Not be performed due to hazards involved with relocating people
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Unformatted text preview: d. Be based on the projected time of the arrival of the plume and radiation levels 19. Radioactivity is the process where unstable atoms disintegrate or decay to stable atoms. The energy released in this process is called: a. The blast effect b. The shock wave c. A mushroom cloud d. Nuclear radiation 20. The type of radiation that is a major hazard due to its relatively high penetrating power is ____________ radiation. a. Alpha b. Microwave c. Gamma d. Neutron...
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