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Radiological Emergency Management 9 21. Dirt drawn up into the mushroom cloud of a nuclear detonation often returns to the earth as: a. Neutrons b. Acid rain c. Gamma rays d. Radioactive fallout 22. When radioactive particles from a nuclear detonation land on a surface, the original surface: a. Becomes permanently radioactive b. Becomes radioactive for a limited period of time c. Is considered contaminated, but does not become radioactive d. Is unaffected and is safe to walk about
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Unformatted text preview: 23. Radiation levels naturally decrease due to radioactive: a. Decay b. Decontamination c. Equilibrium d. Absorption 24. The radiation exposure rate one week after a nuclear detonation should be approximately __________________ the exposure rate in the same area one day after the blast. a. 10 times less than b. Equal to c. 10 times more than d. 100 times greater...
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