Untitled1_18 - Unit 1 Fundamental Concepts Radioactive material emits radiation Biological effects of radiation Techniques for reducing exposure

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Unformatted text preview: Unit 1 Fundamental Concepts Radioactive material emits radiation. Biological effects of radiation. Techniques for reducing exposure. Purposes of the Radiological Protection System (RPS). In this unit you will learn: O O O O INTRODUCTION This course is designed to help you understand and prepare for an event involving excessive exposures to nuclear radiation. To implement radiological incident management techniques effectively, basic concepts of radiation hazards must be understood. This unit explains the fundamental principles of radioactivity, describes the biological effects of radiation on individuals, and introduces the function of the Radiological Protection System. It is important to remember that the biological effects to be discussed are "worst case", the result of very large amounts of nuclear radiation received in a very short period of time. The types of radiological emergencies, such as nuclear power plant accidents, transportation accidents, or radiological incidents may result in such amounts of radiation, but only in relatively small areas. "Worst case" amounts would typically be encountered over widespread areas only if we experienced a nuclear weapon detonation. This unit is divided into four major sections: Radioactivity, Biological Effects of Radiation, Exposure Reduction Techniques, and the Radiological Protection System. Each of these sections contains information that can be used to help you keep yourself and others as safe as possible in the event of a radiological emergency. The Radioactivity section describes the physics of radioactivity and the properties of the different types of nuclear radiation. Familiar radiation sources are also explored. The Biological Effects of Radiation section describes both the immediate and long-term effects from exposure to radiation. 1-1 ...
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