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Unformatted text preview: Radiological Emergency Management Independent Study Course 1-2 The Exposure Reduction Techniques section describes the three methods of reducing one's exposure to radiation: reducing the duration of exposure, increasing one's distance from the radiation source, and increasing the amount of shielding between oneself and the radiation source. The Radiological Protection System section describes the program's design and purposes. The structure of the program and the respective roles of the federal, state and local governments are explained. RADIOACTIVITY Although radiation has always been present in our environment, it was not discovered until the late 1800s. To understand nuclear radiation, you need to know how radioactive atoms emit radiation and some of the terms used to express amounts of radiation present. Elements and Atoms Elements are simple fundamental substances, commonly referred to as nature's building blocks. Although there are at least 106 known elements, 98% of the planet is made up of only six elements: iron, oxygen,...
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