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Unit 1 Fundamental Concepts 1-7 Radiation Measurement Terms Since nuclear radiation affects people, we must be able to measure its presence. We also need to relate the amount of radiation received by the body to its physiological effects. Two terms used to relate the amount of radiation received by the body are exposure and dose. When you are exposed to radiation, your body absorbs a dose of radiation. As in most measurement quantities, certain units are used to properly express the measurement. Roentgen Roentgen is the unit used to express the amount of gamma radiation exposure an individual receives. In writing exposures, roentgen is usually abbreviated with a capital "R," which follows immediately after the amount of gamma radiation received. An exposure of 50 roentgens would then be written "50 R." Milliroentgen is a subunit of the roentgen (one thousandth of a roentgen), and is abbreviated "mR." The roentgen is independent of the time over which the exposure occurs. For instance, if a man is
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