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Unit 1 Fundamental Concepts 1-19 The shielding factor means that the more material placed between an individual and a radiation source, the less exposure that individual will receive. The intensity of a radiation beam is reduced by absorption and scattering processes with the material. For gamma radiation, dense material such as lead is most effective as a shield. Beta radiation can be shielded by relatively thin amounts of wood or plastic. Alpha is shielded by virtually any material. Effect of Shielding Layers On Exposure Rate All of the above mentioned factors may be accomplished by an adequate shelter. The shelter provides
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Unformatted text preview: distance away from the radiation located outside. The shelter acts as shielding and can help prevent inhalation of radioactive material. Practice Exercise 7. Some visible or measurable signs of radiation sickness are _______________. 8. The amount of acute radiation exposure which will kill approximately 50% of the individuals exposed (if not medically treated) is______________________. 9. The factors which protect an individual from exposure to radiation are,_____________________, ______________________, and _________________....
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