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Unit 1 Fundamental Concepts 1-21 UNIT 1 REVIEW This unit described Radioactivity, the Biological Effects of Radiation, Techniques for Reducing Exposure, and the RPS. Radioactive atoms emit radiation. There are three main types of nuclear radiation emitted from radioactive atoms: alpha, beta and gamma. Neutrons are a fourth type of nuclear radiation. When you are exposed to radiation, your body absorbs a dose of radiation. There are both natural and man-made sources of radiation in our environment. Radiation is the most studied environmental hazard in the world. The biological effects of radiation exposure are dependent on the type of exposure (acute or chronic), the level of exposure, and certain biological factors. The acute biological symptoms due to radiation exposure are not unique except at very high levels of exposure. The long-term effects of high doses of
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Unformatted text preview: radiation include increased risk of cancer and cataracts with a possibility of life-shortening. Measurable effects of low-level radiation exposure have not been observed but are generally assumed to exist due to the known cancer causing effect of much higher, acute doses. Protective measures can be used to reduce an individual's radiation exposure. The use of time, distance, and shielding principles are especially important in reducing exposure to radiation. The Radiological Protection System (RPS), a part of the overall Emergency Management Program, is an organized effort designed to minimize the effects of nuclear radiation (from all sources) on people and their property....
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