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Radiological Emergency Management Independent Study Course 1-22 UNIT 1 REVlEW QUESTIONS Answer the following questions to review your knowledge of the Fundamental Concepts unit. Read each question carefully and circle the correct answer. 1. The greatest hazard from radioactive material outside the body is from: a. Alpha particles b. Beta particles c. Gamma rays 2. The type of radiation totally absorbed by the body when emitted by radioactive material inside the body
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Unformatted text preview: is: a. Alpha particles b. Gamma rays c. Both gamma rays and beta particles 3. The amount of radiation absorbed per hour is the: a. Dose rate b. Radiation effect c. Exposure rate 4. If a man was exposed to .2 C/Kg of gamma rays on one occasion and .5 C/Kg on another, his total exposure would be: a. 2.5 C/Kg b. .25 C/Kg c. .7 C/Kg...
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