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Unit 1 Fundamental Concepts 1-23 5. Cosmic radiation, terrestrial radiation sources and radioactive potassium in the body are all examples of: a. Radioactive contamination b. Natural background radiation c. Man-made radiation 6. One example of man-made radiation which may contribute to routine human exposure is: a. Therapeutic radiology b. Cosmic radiation c. Terrestrial sources 7. Some visible or measurable signs of radiation sickness are: a. Nausea, vomiting, fever b. Diarrhea, jaundice, nervousness c. Burns, backache, headache 8. Most individuals receiving an acute radiation exposure of 500 R will:
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Unformatted text preview: a. Probably experience no noticeable effects b. Probably be ill and likely die if medical treatment is not received c. Be certain to die almost immediately 9. One example of a potential long-term effect from chronic low level radiation exposure is: a. Hair loss b. Cataracts c. Nausea 10. Identify the three factors that are important in protecting individuals from radiation exposure of any type. a. Time, shielding and dose rate b. Dose rate, shielding and distance c. Time, distance and shielding...
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