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Unit 2 Radiological Transportation Concepts 2-5 Limited Quantity Shipments Many radioactive shipments involve quantities of radioactivity and levels of surface radiation exposure that are extremely low. Such shipments (called limited quantity shipments) may be shipped in regular packaging materials. Typical radioactive materials shipped in limited quantities include certain medical diagnostic kits, research and industrial test materials, and radioactive devices such as smoke detectors, luminous watch dials, and special electronic instruments. Such materials are shipped routinely by common carriers. The U.S. Postal Service also transports such packages although the amount of radioactivity allowed per package is one-tenth that permitted for transport by other carriers. The potential radiation hazard from a limited quantity shipment is very low. However, if packages involved in such shipments were destroyed in an accident, measurable amounts of radioactivity might be
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Unformatted text preview: found in the debris. In summary, packaging requirements reflect the degree of hazard associated with the type, quantity and other characteristics of the radioactive materials shipped. Most shipments present minimal potential hazard, even if there is some release. For shipments with significant potential hazards (Type B), the packaging is designed to prevent the release of the contents. To date, no releases have occurred from Type B packages under accident conditions. Practice Exercise 11. The type of packaging designed to prevent all leakage after a transportation accident is _______________________ packaging. 12. Items such as smoke detectors and luminous watch dials containing extremely low levels of radioactive materials may be shipped in unlabeled __________________________ packaging. 13. Packages designed to prevent leakage during normal (nonaccident) transportation conditions are_________________________ packages....
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