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Radiological Emergency Management Independent Study Course 2-8 Radioactive Yellow-III Label The labels are white except for the upper half of the Radioactive Yellow-II and Radioactive Yellow III labels which are yellow. The printing and the radiation symbol are black except for the "I," "II," or "III" numerals which must be red. The type of label quickly indicates to any informed member of the public or to responders the radiation exposure rate near the package (if the package has not broken open). If the package is broken, the hazard might be greater due to the loss of shielding provided by the packaging material or due to the possibility of a contamination hazard. Radioactive package labels also list the type of radioactive nuclide contained and the amount of activity. This additional information is valuable to radiation protection specialists in determining the degree of hazard present if a package breaks releasing radioactive material. An “exclusive use shipment” can be used to ship a package with a maximum dose rate of 10 mSv/hr
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