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Unit 2 Radiological Transportation Concepts 2-9 DOT Emergency Response Guidebook Vehicle Placards Just as labels and markings are used to show the quantity of radioactivity in a package , and to generally indicate the level of radiation emitted, placards are standard signs affixed to the exterior of a vehicle or freight container to identify hazards associated with the cargo. LABELS PACKAGES MARKINGS PACKAGES PLACARDS VEHICLES Labels and Placards Any vehicle carrying a package with a Radioactive Yellow-III label is required to bear the placard
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Unformatted text preview: shown below. Certain other vehicles, such as those carrying "strong tight" LSA packages, must also be placarded. The RADIOACTIVE placard must be yellow on the top half with the black tri-blade symbol. The bottom half must be white with the word RADIOACTIVE inscribed in black. Vehicle placards can help a great deal following an accident, particularly for a closed vehicle where the packages have remained in the vehicle....
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