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is3_52 - hazard class(e.g"Radioactive Material"...

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Unit 2 Radiological Transportation Concepts 2-11 Shipping Papers A fourth source of information about a radioactive material shipment available at the scene of a transportation accident is shipping papers. With certain exceptions, shipping papers identifying hazardous materials are required to be kept in: O The cab of a motor vehicle within easy access to the driver. O The possession of a train crew member. O A holder on the bridge of a sailing vessel. O An aircraft pilot's possession. One (1) Box, Thorium Nitrate, Radioactive Material, UN 2976, 15 kg, ThNatural, Solid (Powder), 1.3 mCi, Radioactive White - 1 and Oxidizer Labels, Cargo Aircraft Only Sample Shipping Paper Entry Shipping papers list all of the information provided by the package labels and markings. They also provide additional information including the physical and chemical form of the material, the material's
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Unformatted text preview: hazard class (e.g., "Radioactive Material" or "Flammable Liquid"), and the material's identification number (e.g., "UN 2976" for radioactive thorium nitrate). The material's identification number is used by trained emergency response personnel to quickly determine the appropriate actions to be taken upon arrival at an accident scene. Practice Exercise 14. The four sources of information about the contents of a radioactive material shipment are ______________, ______________, _____________, and ____________________. 15. Package labels indicate the maximum amount of radiation present after the package has broken open in a transportation accident. (True or False) 16. The maximum exposure rate permitted at the surface of a radioactive material package during shipping is_________________....
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