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Unit 2 Radiological Transportation Concepts 2-13 O The number of persons injured and the seriousness of their injuries. O The actions being taken at the time of the call. If at all possible, communications should be maintained until the authorities have arrived. It is important for those first on the scene to wait for the arrival of authorities and give them a full description of the events that occurred before their arrival. This will ensure that all persons involved understand the potential hazards and that all personnel will receive proper medical treatment and be decontaminated as required. Isolate the Area Once injured individuals have been helped and the authorities have been notified, the accident scene should be isolated. Two reasons are: O To prevent the spread of low-level radioactive contamination. O To prevent exposure to high-levels of radiation in the highly unlikely event of a release of highly radioactive materials or a high level sealed source. Radioactive materials released at an accident scene, even at levels of little consequence, can result in
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