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Unit 2 Radiological Transportation Concepts 2-15 UNIT 2 REVIEW This unit described the hazards and protective measures associated with a radiological transportation accident. Transportation of radioactive material is highly regulated to minimize the risk of serious hazards in the event of an accident. Radioactive materials are packaged, marked, labeled and placarded with public safety as the foremost goal. The degree of packaging used is commensurate with the degree of hazard of the contents. Extremely hazardous radioactive materials are shipped in packaging which does not break under accident conditions.
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Unformatted text preview: Low-level radioactive materials are shipped in less resistant packages and may be dispersed. However, if dispersed, these materials would present only a minimal health risk and would be easily detectable by radiation protection spets. The three steps to be taken before the arrival of trained emergency response personnel at an accident scene are to help injured individuals, to notify the authorities, and to isolate the area. Help for injured individuals should not be delayed out of concern for radiological hazards....
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