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is3_58 - be at most a.5 mSv/hr(50 mR/hr b 2 mSv/hr(200...

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Unit 2 Radiological Transportation Concepts 2-17 4. Sources of information about radioactive material shipments which are posted on the exterior of shipment vehicles are: a. Labels b. Markings c. Placards d. Shipping papers 5. The Radioactive Yellow-I, Yellow-II, and Yellow-III package labels indicate: a. The radiation exposure rate near the package if the package has broken open b. The radiation exposure rate near the package if the package has not broken open c. The U.N. identification number d. The proper shipping name 6. The maximum radiation exposure rate at the surface of an unbroken radioactive material package may
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Unformatted text preview: be at most: a. .5 mSv/hr (50 mR/hr) b. 2 mSv/hr (200 mR/hr) c. 10 mSv/hr (1000 mR/hr) d. 1 Sv/hr (100 R/hr) 7. A member of the public should give lifesaving first aid to injured victims of a radiological transportation accident: a. Immediately after notifying the appropriate authorities b. After isolating the area c. After verifying that no radioactive material packages have been broken open d. Without delay out of concern for radiological hazards (within the extent of their training)...
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