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Unit 3 Nuclear Power Plant Accidents 3-7 The nuclear chain reaction may be controlled using a device called a control rod . Control rods are made of materials which absorb neutrons. Thus, when a control rod is inserted into a nuclear reactor it reduces the number of free neutrons available to cause the uranium atoms to fission. When all the control rods are inserted into the reactor, it is called a reactor shutdown. Sometimes all the control rods will be inserted quickly due to a safety or emergency condition.
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Unformatted text preview: This is known as a scram . The nuclear chain reaction is also affected by the water in the core. All light water reactors (LWR) require the core be covered with water for the chain reaction to be allowed to continue. Therefore if there was an accident that resulted in loss of the water covering the core the reactor would scram. Control Rods Absorb Neutrons to Prevent Fissions Control Rods Withdrawn...
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