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is3_71 - Unit 3 Nuclear Power Plant Accidents In addition...

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Unit 3 Nuclear Power Plant Accidents 3-11 In addition to the PWR and BWR systems discussed above, there are several other types of systems in use, or under development, throughout the world. Although stringent regulations govern the operation of all nuclear power plants, there will always be a possibility for some type of accident to occur. The following section of this unit deals with the very real issue of how the public is protected from an accident should one occur at a nuclear power plant. Practice Exercise 20. Major components which may be found at coal and oil burning power plants as well as nuclear plants include ________________, ___________________, ___________________, and _________________. 21. A structure used to prevent harmful temperature increases in lakes and rivers is a _____________________. 22. The fuel used at nuclear power plants is made from __________________. 23. When an atom of nuclear fuel is struck by a free neutron, it fissions yielding ________________,_________________, and _______________________.
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