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Unit 3 Nuclear Power Plant Accidents 3-19 There are four levels of emergencies covered by the emergency plans at nuclear power plants. Each level requires specific actions to be taken by the plant operator and offsite officials. These levels, in order of increasing severity, are: O Unusual Event. O Alert. O Site Area Emergency. O General Emergency. Unusual Events are events that are uncommon but, do not represent a threat to the plant or public. There are about 200 unusual events a year. Alerts are the result of events that should be monitored closely. They also do not represent a threat to the public. There are about 10 alerts a year. Site Area Emergencies are major failures but immediate actions by the public are not needed. At this level of emergency, the public would normally be notified and instructed to stand by for further instructions. General Emergencies are very severe accidents that call for immediate protective action by the public.
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