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Unformatted text preview: Radiological Emergency Management Independent Study Course S lte re a he r m inde r of 10 m e e ncy ile m rge pla nning zone E rly e c tion a va ua 2 to 3 m s ile Se ubs que e cua nt va tion of a cte s ctors ffe d e Protective Actions for Severe Nuclear Power Plant Accidents In rare cases, as an alternative to evacuating, sheltering in a home, office or other building could provide protection just as sheltering following a nuclear detonation by a terrorist attack. As we will learn in Unit 4, a shelter would provide both distance and shielding between individuals and nuclear radiation. A home or building could similarly provide protection from the radioactive plume. P lume T ime D tance is S hielding 3-20 ...
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