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is3_84 - b Steam exhausted from the turbine c Refrigeration...

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Radiological Emergency Management Independent Study Course 3-24 UNIT 3 REVIEW QUESTIONS Answer the following questions to review your knowledge of this unit. Read each question carefully and circle the correct answer. 1. Which one of the following components distinguishes a nuclear power plant from a coal or oil burning plant? a. Turbine b. Condenser c. Cooling tower d. Pump e. Heat source 2. A power plant's condenser may be cooled through the use of a cooling tower or: a. Water from a nearby lake, river, ocean or man-made reservoir
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Unformatted text preview: b. Steam exhausted from the turbine c. Refrigeration systems d. Direct evaporation 3. A cooling tower is: a. A large concrete structure built to contain the nuclear reactor and prevent the release of fission products b. A component of nuclear power plants only c. A structure used to prevent harmful temperature increases in lakes and rivers d. A large hollow concrete structure filled with water...
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