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Radiological Emergency Management Independent Study Course 4-6 Practice Exercise 33. The power of a nuclear explosion is expressed in terms of its relationship to __________________________________. 34. The total effective energy released during a nuclear explosion is called the weapon's ________________. Nuclear Radiation The third form of energy released by a nuclear blast is nuclear radiation . The radiation from a nuclear explosion is subdivided into two categories: O Initial nuclear radiation O Residual nuclear radiation (radioactive fallout) Initial nuclear radiation is the radiation emitted within the first minute after a nuclear explosion. The initial radiation consists mainly of gamma rays and neutrons. As discussed earlier, these types of radiation are highly penetrating and travel great distances through air. Although they can neither be seen nor felt, gamma rays and neutrons can produce harmful effects even at a large distance from their source. The large
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Unformatted text preview: quantity of gamma radiation absorbed by the surrounding air and ground will create a quick pulse of electromagnetic waves. This pulse, called the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) , is not considered a biological hazard to people. However, EMP will severely damage electrical components attached to power lines or communication systems. Residual nuclear radiation arises mainly from the radioactive materials produced during the blast. These radioactive materials, like all radioactive materials, attempt to become stable by emitting gamma rays, alpha particles, and beta particles. Radioactive Fallout Even if individuals are not close enough to a nuclear blast to be affected by the energy yield, they may be affected by the resultant radioactive fallout. Any nuclear blast will result in some fallout. Explosions that occur near the earth's surface create much greater amounts of fallout than explosions that occur at high altitudes....
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