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Radiological Emergency Management Independent Study Course 4-10 It is also possible to avoid blast effects and exposure to much of the thermal radiation if evasive action, such as falling face down behind a substantial object and shielding the eyes, is taken immediately. In certain circumstances it may mean the difference between life and death. Weapons tests suggest that a typical residence will be collapsed by an overpressure of about 5 psi (0.35 kg/cm 2 ). People standing in such a residence have a 50 percent chance of being killed by an overpressure of 3.5 psi (0.25 kg/cm 2 ), but people who are lying down at the moment the blast wave hits have a 50 percent chance of surviving a 7 psi (0.5 kg/cm 2 ) overpressure. This leaves the survivors of the blast with a need for protective measures against the radioactive fallout. Minimizing Exposure to Fallout Fallout, as you have learned, is radioactive material. This means that fallout emits radiation. This section describes how to minimize the dose of nuclear radiation one receives from fallout. The section begins by
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