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is3_98 - Unit 4 Nuclear Threat Fa llo u t Sh ie ld in g Dis...

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Unit 4 Nuclear Threat 4-11 Fallo u t Sh ield ing Tim e Distan ce A Basement Provides Some Protection From Radioactive Fallout -- Shelter Provides Time, Distance and Shielding If a warning is given, or fallout starts to arrive, proceed to shelter that provides the best possible shielding. These include locations such as basements, interior rooms of a house, highway culverts, etc. Remember that fallout consists of particles of earth, fission products and other materials returning to the earth's surface. If dust like particles are visible in the air or on surfaces, they should be considered a radiation hazard. If fallout has arrived before reaching shelter, cover as much of the body as possible to keep particles from depositing on the skin. This should include, as a minimum, long sleeves, hat and gloves. If adequate clothing is not available or time not sufficient, make use of any available material such as newspaper to cover the head. Placing hands in the pockets help keep them as fallout free as possible. Remember that
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