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Unit 4 Nuclear Threat 4-19 4. Identify which of the following actions should be followed if radioactive fallout begins to arrive before an individual reaches adequate shelter. a. Immediately take the closest shelter available and wait for fallout to cease. b. Adjust clothing to cover as much of the skin as possible and proceed to adequate shelter. c. Stand still to avoid excessive contact with fallout particles and proceed once fallout has ceased. d. No action necessary, since neither alpha nor beta particles can harm people. 5. Which of the following is a true statement concerning food and water supplies in a fallout shelter?
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Unformatted text preview: a. Consume contaminated food and water first. b. Do not consume any contaminated food or water. c. Do not prevent food or water consumption on the basis that they might be contaminated. 6. The phenomenon which accounts for the decrease in fallout exposure rates over time is called: a. Radioactive decay b. Acid rain c. Spontaneous fission d. Fusion 7. The most accurate and reliable tool for determining exposure rates is: a. Fallout dust color b. 7:10 Rule of Thumb c. Survey instruments d. Exposure probes...
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