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is3_107 - after detonation to decrease to 10 R/hr a 7 hours...

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Radiological Emergency Management Independent Study Course 4-20 8. Most radiological survey instruments are powered by: a. AC line current b. High voltage AC current c. Solar energy cells d. Batteries 9. Using the 7:10 Rule of Thumb, how long will it take an exposure rate of 1,000 R/hr, measured l-hour
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Unformatted text preview: after detonation, to decrease to 10 R/hr? a. 7 hours b. 10 hours c. 49 hours d. 100 hours 10. If the exposure rate due to radioactive fallout is 60 R/hr five hours after detonation, the exposure rate expected after 35 hours is: a. 2 R/hr b. 6 R/hr c. 30 R/hr d. 40 R/hr...
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