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Radiological Emergency Management Independent Study Course 5-6 There are three uses of radiation in the practice of medicine: 1. X-ray examinations. 2. Nuclear medicine. 3. Radiotherapy. X-ray Examinations X-ray examinations and nuclear medicine are both techniques used in diagnosing injuries and illnesses. X- rays from an x-ray machine pass through the area of the patients body being examined and are then detected with film. X-rays by far account for most of the exposures from medical uses of radiation. The parts of the body most often x-rayed are the teeth, chest, and limbs, each accounting for about a quarter of
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Unformatted text preview: the total number of examinations. Because they are used so frequently and account for most of the man-made radiation exposure, great improvements have been made in x-ray machines and methodologies to try to keep doses at a minimum. Doses from dental x-rays have come down as a result of limiting the x-ray beam more tightly, filtering it further to remove unnecessary radiation, using faster films to capture the beams, and better shielding of patients. Dose From Typical Diagnostic Procedure...
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