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Radiological Emergency Management Independent Study Course G-2 Charge : The electrical characteristic of atomic particles. Positive charge is the opposite of negative charge. Neutral charge is the absence of charge. Chronic Exposure: Radiation exposure occurring over long periods of time. Containment: A structure found at nuclear power plants designed to contain any radioactive materials that may be released from the nuclear reactor fuel and cooling systems. Contamination: Radioactive material spread on surfaces where it is not supposed to be. Control Rod: A rod made of neutron absorbing material which, when inserted into a nuclear reactor, reduces the number of free neutrons available to cause the uranium atoms to fission. Cooling Tower: A heat exchanger used to cool the water used to condense exhaust steam exiting the turbines of a power plant. Cooling towers transfer exhaust heat into the air instead of into a body of water. Curie (Ci):
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