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Glossary G-3 Exposure : A measurement of the total amount of radiation to which an individual is exposed related to the ionization produced in air by x-ray or gamma radiation. Similar to "dose." Fallout : See "Radioactive Fallout." Fission : The splitting of an atom resulting in the release of neutrons, energy, and two or more smaller atoms. Fission Product: An atom produced through the splitting (fissioning) of a larger atom. Fuel Assembly: A number of nuclear fuel rods grouped together. Fuel Cladding: A long metal tube encasing the nuclear fuel rod. Cladding designed to prevent fission products which migrate from the nuclear fuel from escaping to the primary coolant system. Fuel Pellet: A cylindrical pellet of nuclear fuel typically consisting of uranium dioxide. Fuel Rod: A stack of cylindrical fuel pellets encased in fuel cladding. Gamma Rays: High-energy, short wavelength electromagnetic radiation emitted from the nucleus. Gamma radiation frequently accompanies alpha and beta emissions and always accompanies fission. Gamma rays
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