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Radiological Emergency Management Independent Study Course G-6 Sievert (Sv): The radiation dose unit of the international system of units. One sievert equals 100 rem. Specific Activity: The amount of radioactivity of a material per unit mass. Steam Generator: The component used in a pressurized water reactor which transfers the heat generated in the primary system (by the reactor core) to the secondary cooling water and hence to the turbine. Thermal Radiation: Electromagnetic radiation emitted from an explosion in the form of light and heat. Thyroid Blocking Agent: A pill or liquid containing non-radioactive iodine which, when taken before or immediately after exposure to radioactive iodine, saturates the thyroid gland to prevent excessive
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Unformatted text preview: uptake of radioactive iodine. Time, Distance, Shielding: The three main ways to minimize exposure to radiation. TNT :The flammable compound, trinitrotoluene, used as a high explosive. Uranium: A type of atom used to fuel nuclear reactors due to its ability to undergo fission with a free neutron creating a nuclear chain reaction and resulting in heat. X Rays : Penetrating electromagnetic radiation originating in the electron field of an atom. X-rays are similar in wavelength and frequency to gamma rays, which originate in the nucleus of an atom. Yield : See "Energy Yield."...
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